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My passion is people. I am a people person, a gals gal, a people pleaser, and crave personal connection. My goal is to connect with you, create a comfortable and inviting space to that I can highlight and capture the best parts of your relationship.


I get asked all the time to describe my style, well its pretty simple. I aim to capture the authentic and real moments that make you feel something when looking back at these photos year from now. The colors and edits that you see are very natural, yet the grainy and black and white images make them feel timeless.

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I am the founder of Colette Marie Photography, also known as CMP. I am so dang proud of this business, what it stands for, and all love, sweat, and tears that I have poured into it and my couples over the years.

So who am I? I am the kind of girl who will do everything in my power to make you laugh and feel comfortable. I crave all things different and unique to you as a couple when it comes to weddings. I truly believe your signature cocktail, being present, and dancing the night away should be your only concern on your wedding day. I don't sweat the small stuff, I laugh when I fall, and I can simply make the best out of every situation. At the end of the day,  the most important thing is that you wholeheartedly trust me, because I will do my very best to make sure your wedding day is everything you dreamed of and more, while capturing all the joy and love that you and ones around you felt.

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summer nights with a bonfire

my pup rudy

sunset walks

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