hey hey hey

it's me colette!

I am a non traditional wedding + engagement photographer based in Chicago. I crave all things different and unique when it comes to weddings. Your signature cocktail, dancing, and being present should be your only concern on your wedding day. If you're someone who doesn't mind flipping their shoes off, and running through rain puddles with me, I'M YOUR GAL! I live for butt squeezes and make out sessions. I don't sweat the small stuff, I laugh when I fall, and can simply make the best out of every situation. Now if you're reading this and are saying to yourself "hey that's me or I wanna be friends with this bitch" then let's do the damn thing! The most important thing, is that you wholeheartedly trust me and my vision because I gotchu! I'm not just your photographer, I'm gonna be your best friend, hype-woman, dress holder, dance partner, basically whatever you need me to be.

Now a little bit more about me - for starters, I am a dog lover, I am completely obsessed with my fur child, Rudy (BEST DOG EVER). I would consider myself a city gal BUT I recently moved to the burbs with my boyfriend Brian and let me tell ya, having a front/backyard for bonfires is VERY clutch. Cheap red wine on a rainy day or a cold Angry Moon make me very happy (yes an angry orchard + Blue Moon, TRY IT). I recently fell in love with sushi and if you're ever in Chicago you must try Sushi Taku, actually call me and I'll go with ya. My friends and family mean everything to me. I love traveling to new places and going on vacation, cause who doesn't? I make a MEAN chocolate-chip banana bread that sometimes gets confused for meatloaf but don't worry, it's cool. Thrillers and horror films with a big bowl of popcorn are my fav. And I will always say yes to pizza, thin crust and ranch everyday baby. If I'm the kinda gal you want by your side, don't hesitate and let's make some magic!

Im sold, lets do this