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Emily + Jeremy's Mid-Century Meets 70's Modern Glam Wedding

City Hall Events // New industrial space in the hip West Loop neighborhood of Chicago

January 26, 2020
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Emily + Jeremy's Mid-Century Meets 70's Modern Glam Wedding

This shoot stands out from any other by the way we blended different design elements from mid-century, the 70s, and today as a nod to our couple's old souls and a nod to both their parents, who found love in the ’60s and ’70s. This inspired shoot is filled with fun, color, and a lot of personality.

To make this shoot come to life and truly get a real wedding feel, we used a young adventurous married couple. We used their relationship and individual backgrounds to create a magical day with a killer team of vendors.

THE STORY - According to the couple, “We met when we were kids through our families. Our dads worked together and became friends when we were growing up, but it wasn’t our time to hit it off when we were young. After spending some time apart (and after hitting puberty), we reconnected thanks to our lovingly pushy moms.

According to the bride -- “Our first ‘date’ was set up by our moms. We didn’t even realize we were going on a date! We were both home from college and had our own plans one night when our moms suggestively asked us to cancel what we were doing to meet up. Jeremy’s mom gave him $20 to take me to the movies. After having a blast, I was smitten and not long after that first date I stuck true to my bold form and informed Jeremy that we were officially dating. We’ve been together ever since. Over 10 years and counting!”

Per the bride -- “One of our favorite memories, which lasted for three magical months, was when we studied abroad together in Denmark. We used Copenhagen as a launchpad to travel around Europe that summer. It was exhilarating and intensely romantic to pick up and head off to a new country each weekend. One time, Jeremy even convinced me to spend my last $200 to see the fjords in Norway. I had a whopping 35 cents left in my bank account, but it was definitely worth it.”

“We love our spontaneous adventures around the world, but we appreciate our hometown memories just as much. We keep the excitement from our travels alive where we live in Chicago by doing things like throwing Panini Parties with our friends during the winter and jumping into Lake Michigan between North Avenue and Oak Street in the summer. That same beach is where Jeremy got down on one knee at a sunrise photoshoot with just the two of us (he’s a photographer) at precisely 5:57 AM.”

This leads us to the design for their wedding day (the styled shoot): According to Jeremy, "Emily is vivacious, sometimes loud, and the bright smile in the room." Per Emily "our inside joke is that ‘2011 Jeremy’ was the opposite of that, he was SO quiet and wouldn't speak to anyone. After some time with Emily, Jeremy has opened up and shown so much more of his silly side.

When it came to their wedding, it was important to represent how they make each other bolder in their relationship. When it came to selecting the design, there was no question that we were going for bold colors and a unique mix of mid-century modern meets 70’s glam because both sets of their parents met in the '70s. Jeremy's parents have been married for 40 years, Emily's for 35. In a way, their love story started in the '70s when Jeremy's Canadian mom met his dad from Michigan, and Emily's mom from Syracuse met her dad from the island of Curacao. Both of their parents relocated for love in the '70s, so it's meaningful to honor and weave their story into our couples."


photographer: Me⁣
planner: @ashbestevents
venue: @cityhallchicagoevents
florals: @floristhounddesign
boutique: @bellebridalatelier
dress: @sophieetvoila
hair & makeup: @goldust_woman
grooms attire: @blacktietuxes
paper goods: @maisonblanche_paperie
linens: @lolavalentinadesigns
rentals: @nimblewell

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