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Patty + Mark

River Roast

December 4, 2021
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Patty + Mark

omg was it hard picking a few photos to represent patty and marks fabulous day. if you get lucky enough to meet these two, you will know instantly why i love them dearly🤍

patty and mark reached out to me back in 2020, i captured their engagement photos and then their intimate ceremony which also happened to be on a day with strong winds, tornado warnings, and non-stop rain. they ran into the dawson laughing with flipped umbrellas and wet clothes, this is when I knew they were my kind of couple! fast forward a few months later and they asked me to capture their 2nd big day which honestly couldn't have been more perfect.

on december 4th, these two finally got their dream wedding, but this time surrounded by even more love. marks got to see his family for the first time in 3 years, which was quite the experience. the morning started off popping bottles in the most adorable mix-matched robes for the ladies, and the guys went to the galeway arms to have their pint. When it came to their first look, it was everything i expected, mark in tears after seeing Patty. fast forward to their reception, they had all their guests join them on the dance floor to party it out for 3 songs BEFORE dinner (i loved every single second of it). last but not least, patty's dad joined the band to perform 2 songs, for the last song he pulled all 3 daughters up to sing alongside him.

patty and mark, i adore you two and your love. congratulations to the best people i know✨

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