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Sam + Alex

The Farmhouse

May 6, 2022
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Sam + Alex

sam + alex.. where do i freaking begin? I knew we were a perfect match right when i walked up to our engagement session and felt your energy. you two are the most fun and in love couple, and i am so honored that i got to capture your special day🤍

again the forecast called for rain all day and for the most part, it did.. but that didnt stop these two. sam and alex didn't care about taking photos in the light rain or getting sams dress a little dirty before the ceremony. These two were still that same ball of energy, loving the camera, and giggling through every photo, and i was there for it⚡️some of my favorites parts of their day consist of -

1. the ladies making unreal tiktoks

2. playing drinking games in the suites

3. seeing the guys all show up in their game day outfits (was not there to capture but saw on tiktok, it was amazing).

4. the first look with sam and her dad

5. hearing sam and alex say their vows to each other in front of all their guests

6. SUNSET PHOTOS.. pulling the couple for some creative sunset photos might have been my favorite part

7. alexs moms amazing speech, that had many people in tears

8. the light-up cowboy hats that got handed out during dancing

9. sam’s dad singing/playing alex and sam’s first dance song

10. sam and alex lighting up cigars at the end of the night (more photos to come)

Congratulations to the newly mr and mrs. Johnson ✨ i wish you two all the happiness and laughter in the world! can we go back and redo your wedding now???

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