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Samantha + Alex

Chicago Botanical Gardens

August 29, 2021
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Samantha + Alex

Whenever I get the chance to capture my wedding clients engagement photos, it always gives me a new level of excitement for their big day😁

Chatting on the phone and email definitely hype me up, but when I get the chance to meet you two in person, shoot the shit, and take some engagement photos for you.. now that gets me going!

Samantha and Alex - I think its safe to say that I am over the moon that I have you two as clients, not to mention how well our personalities mesh (very important)! I am beyond pumped for your wedding day but also to get these photos out in the world! May 6th, we're so ready for you✨

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If you feel a connection to me, my galleries, my associates galleries, the feeling when you look at my images, then please reach out. I would love nothing more to chat about all the amazing thing ahead! 

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